Bitchin100 Magazine is a new offering dedicated to bringing you news, projects, and support for your 8-bit laptops. And what better vintage format to bring that to you than in a old-fashioned computer magazine?

Why laptops? Vintage laptops are an ideal way to enjoy vintage computing because they are typically compact and easy to put away when you're not using them.

More importantly, some of these laptops like the Model T still have significant advantages even over modern laptops.

Bitchin 100 Magazine

Software, Hardware and Support

for All 8-bit laptops

Issue #1, Coming in June (2005):

Welcome to Bitchin100 Magazine

ReMem News, Pictures

Part 1: Introduction to 8085 Assembly Language

8085 Programmer's Reference

WP-2 Forth: Fixed Point Arithmetic

HP Calculator In BASIC for Model 100, 102

We support all 8-bit bus portables, including but not limited to:

  • TRS-80 Model 100

  • Tandy Model 102, 200

  • Olivetti M-10, Kyocera Kyotronic

  • Tandy WP-2

  • Tandy 1100FD, 1110HD, 1400LT/HD, 1500HD

  • Cambridge Z88

  • Amstrad NC100, NC200

  • NEC 8201A, 8300, 8401A, 8500

  • Epson PX-8

  • Cidco Mailstation

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