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By Frank Higgins

How to install teeny and dlplus on a Mac OS X system:

You need the following items before you begin your installation:

  • Mac OS X system
  • Working USB to serial adapter or Mac with serial port
  • The name of the OS X serial port driver (either the adapter or built in)
  • Null modem cable such as the club100 Compulink cable
  • Understanding of how to navigate the file system and invoke commands in the


  • Optional: Apple Developer Tools (Xcode Tools) if you wish to compile you own

executable version of dlplus.

1. Download teeny for OS X and dlplus from

Stuffit Expander should decompress teeny and expand dlplus to a folder labeled dlplus. Copy teeny and the dlplus folder to your home directory or wherever you like (let's assume the files are in your home directory).

2. Open the terminal and type: cd ~/dlplus to change the working directory to the dlplus directory.

3. Connect your USB to serial adaptor to the Mac, and then connect the null modem cable between the adapter and the M100. Be sure the cables are firmly connected and the adapter is working properly (this held me up for a few weeks).

You need to know the name of the OS X driver for your serial port. If it's a built in serial port it will be either tty.modem or tty.printer. If it's an adapter, you have to hunt for the driver in the /dev directory. (cd /dev). I'm currently using a Keyspan adapter and its' driver is labeled tty.USA19H181P1.1. (Note: The Keyspan driver lets you use the alias 'tty.KeySerial1' for the first serial port on any of their adaptors) I had an IOGear USB adapter and its' driver was labeled tty.usbserial. When you find the driver name, write it down, you'll need it in a bit.

4. Turn on your M100.

5. Type cd ~ to return to your home directory and invoke teeny by typing:

./teeny /dev/tty.drivername

Where "drivername" is replaced with the driver label you got in step 3.

6. Follow the instructions presented on screen which include starting BASIC on the M100 and typing RUN"COM:98N1ENN.

7. Once the teeny install is finished, invoke dlplus from the OS X terminal window by changing the working directory (cd ~/dlplus) and typing:

./dl /dev/tty.drivername

8. You can now run TEENY.CO on the M100 and transfer files per the TEENY docs.

9. When finished, type ^C on the Mac to exit dl.

NOTE: If you try to run TEENY.CO on the M100 and all you get is a beep and returned to the menu, use the himem procedure described in the TEENY docs.

10. Optional: if you need to compile your own executable, then: Type: make from the dlplus directory This complies the dlplus source code into the dl executable file. Note: If you get a message stating "make: 'dl' is up to date." it's OK, it means that the binary you downloaded is ready to run as is.