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=== Servers ===
The [[:Category:TPDD Service|TPDD Services]] implement the "disk drive" end of the TPDD protocol.
category=TPDD Service
=== Clients ===
=== Clients ===

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All File Transfer Articles

Tandy Disk Drive and Emulators

TPDD emulators, in concert with a compatible disk clients like TS-DOS, TEENY, POWR-DOS, FLOPPY.CO, the Booster Pak, or the WP-2 built-in Diskette client are the most popular way to accurately and quickly transfer all file types including binary files to and from your Model T laptop. There are different options for the server side on modern operating systems and devices:


The TPDD Services implement the "disk drive" end of the TPDD protocol.


TPDD Clients are software that runs on your Model T laptop. The communicate with a disk drive or other TPDD Service to save and load files.

Real TPDD and TPDD-2

Differences between TPDD-1 and TPDD-2

Simple Text File Transfer (No Client)

You can use any "terminal program" to transfer text files (and BASIC programs in text format, i.e. with a .DO extension) to and from your Model T laptop. Note that some programs "out there" with a .BA extension are in fact text (.DO) files.

Here are some tutorials:

Text File Transfer using Hyperterminal

Fast Binary Transfer

TBACK is a unique approach to file transfer. It allows freeze/thaw of the entire RAM of the laptop, and now fast installation of .CO files to the laptop.

It is a "thin client" solution where the only client is a small program downloaded to the T just for the purpose of the file transfer. All of the "smarts" run on the modern desktop or laptop.

TBACK also targets developers; being able to quickly offload the full RAM of a system for inspection on the desktop, and to quickly change to completely different configurations is a novel feature introduced by TBACK.

File Storage using MP3 Player

File storage with mp3 player