Model T Termcap

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The Model T can be used as a serial terminal to a Linux machine.

The Model 100 Serial Terminal Project

This could be useful if done over some wireless serial->Telnet bridge.

Working Model 100 termcap:

trs100|m100|Radio Shack Model 100,
       am, xt,
       cols#40, lines#8,
       bel=^G, clear=\EE, cr=^M, cub1=^H, cud1=^J, cuf1=\EC,
       cup=\EY%p1%{32}%+%c%p2%{32}%+%c, cuu1=\EA, dl1=\EM,
       ed=\EJ, el=\EK, home=\EH, ht=^I, il1=\EL, ind=^J, kbs=^H,
       kcub1=^], kcud1=^_, kcuf1=^\, kcuu1=^^, nel=^M^J, rmso=\Eq,
m100v|Model 100 with DVI,
       cols#80, lines#24,
       cub1=^], cud1=^_, cuf1=^], cuu1=^^, is2=\ED, kbs=^H, kcub1=^H,
       kcud1=^J, ri=\EI, use=m100,