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(OQUAD : Advanced MENU add-on for QUAD)
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<tr><td>Beta</td><td>13</td><td>Initial beta release of 0QUAD</td><td>[[Media:0QUAD.zip|OQUAD]]</td><td>[[User:Sadolph|Sadolph]] ([[User talk:Sadolph|talk]]) 19:11, 7 February 2015 (PST)</td></tr>
<tr><td>Beta</td><td>13</td><td>Initial beta release of 0QUAD</td><td>[[Media:0QUAD.zip|OQUAD]]</td><td>[[User:Sadolph|Sadolph]] ([[User talk:Sadolph|talk]]) 19:11, 7 February 2015 (PST)</td></tr>
== Installing 0QUAD Software==
== Installing 0QUAD Software==

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Supported Models

  • Model 100 only
 This is in beta still; not quite ready to release.  I have some software testing to do,
 and a couple more hardware things to look at..


QUAD is a hardware add-on for the Model 100 that provides the user with 4 banks of 32kB, similar to the multiple banks in a T200 or PC-8201.

  • provides 4 banks of 32kB SRAM
  • fully compatible with REX - enables mult-bank operation of REX on M100
  • plugs directly into the system bus with no additional modifications (takes over the socket - replaces any other system bus device)
  • this module REPLACES the internal memory - the internal RAM becomes unused/disabled (any plugged 8kB RAM modules can be pulled out and redeployed)
  • uses the internal NiCd RAM backup battery for reliable operation
  • simple software for manual bank switching
  • OR - use 0QUAD - a menu enhancement for M100 (see description below)

How to Get One

 Please get in touch with me on the Bitchin100 mailing list or directly at twospruces geee mail. 
 Price is 45$ US + shipping.


It is pretty simple really - just plug it in, and begin using it.

  • use the simple program to bank switch manually
  • use 0QUAD software - OQUAD integrates a number of features into the M100 MENU
  • use with REX (don't use OQUAD when REX is installed! NOT COMPATIBLE!!!)



Hardware Installation

Installation of the hardware is a piece of cake.

Step 1

 Flip over the M100. Open up the System Bus hatch.
 Being careful to have the right orientation, insert QUAD into the System Bus.
 The arrow points to the Option ROM Socket.

Step 2

 Replace the cover. Flip the M100 back over. 


QUAD installed in an M100 -


Software for Using the Extra Banks

You will need some software to make the extra banks accessible. You have 3 options, all of which are exclusive of each other.

 1.  Use the simple bank switching program below.
 2.  Use QUAD.BA
 3.  Use in conjunction with REX

Simple Bank Switching Program

The following program can be quickly typed into BASIC and run. It allows manual bank switching. In each bank, you could save this program and call it BANK1.BA, BANK2.BA etc. (the number relating to bank number), so that you know what bank you are in. Kudos to Ken Pettit for helping me figure this one out!

 20 A#=0:B=VARPTR(A#)
 30 POKEB,249:POKEB+1,195:POKEB+2,241:POKEB+3,118
 40 CALLB,X-1,30481

OQUAD : Advanced MENU add-on for QUAD

OQUAD is a software program closely based on the PG Designs 0MENU software. I am grateful that some clever people figured out how to do this in the past, and I'm happy to have been able to revive the code and modify it for use with QUAD.

0QUAD provides some interesting features:

  • integrates tightly with MENU
  • adds function keys to row 8 of MENU - Bank selection, + File commands NAME and KILL
  • when OQUAD is installed and running in each of the 4 banks, OQUAD also enables bank to bank file COPY.

StatusRevisionDescriptionFileSubmitter / Date
Beta22some bug fixes in placeOQUAD_rev_22Sadolph (talk) 08:26, 8 February 2015 (PST)
Beta13Initial beta release of 0QUADOQUADSadolph (talk) 19:11, 7 February 2015 (PST)

Installing 0QUAD Software

OQUAD should be installed in each of the 4 banks of QUAD.

OQUAD starts life named as QUAD.BA.

 IMPORTANT:  QUAD.BA is the original file name.  After installation, this program is transformed into 0QUAD.
 0QUAD is an invisible .BA program without an extension and when installed it is hidden from view.
 Use INVISO.BA after QUAD.BA is installed to make OQUAD visible.
 INVISO.BA can transform invisible OQUAD to visible QUADv.BA.
 INVISO.BA can transform visible QUADv.BA to invisible 0QUAD.
 INVISO.BA and QUAD.BA are contained in the ZIP file above.

Step 1

 Power on M100 with QUAD freshly installed.  Do a cold restart to ensure RAM is clean.

Step 2

 Load QUAD.BA into laptop.  Cursor over to QUAD.BA and press ENTER to run the program.
 As you are now in Bank 1, when queried by QUAD.BA, input <1> <ENTER> when prompted.

QUAD.BA configures itself, deletes unneeded program lines, renames itself 0QUAD, hides itself, and moves itself to be the lowest .BA program in RAM. All these steps are critical for 0QUAD to work correctly.

At this point, 0QUAD installation is not complete.

Step 3

 At MENU, type <OQUAD> <ENTER>.  This starts and runs the hidden program OQUAD.

You should now see a number of changes to MENU

 - bank number shown in top right corner
 - file size/free ram indicator in top line
 - FNKEY commands on line 8

Using 0QUAD, you can now select any of banks 2, 3 or 4. Repeat the installation of QUAD.BA in each of those banks.

 To enable bank to bank file COPY, you must have OQUAD fully installed in both the source and target banks.

OQUAD Source Code

The following files are ZIP files containing the source code for QUAD by Revision.

StatusSource FilesRevisionSubmitter / Date
BetaOQUAD_source13Sadolph (talk) 19:17, 7 February 2015 (PST)

Memory Testing Software for use with QUAD

The following program can be used to test the memory in each bank. Load the following program into BASIC and run.

StatusReleaseModelDescriptionFileRevisionSubmitter / Date

QUAD Trouble Reports

StatusModel(s)DescriptionImpactWork AroundUser/ Date

QUAD Enhancement Requests

StatusDescriptionRequester / Date