REX2 - custom REX for CP/M support

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REX2 will be available in the near future. In addition to the 1MB of flash, it also provides 128 kbytes of SRAM. This SRAM is included to allow for an all-RAM mode of operation, mainly for CP/M support. This activity is being done in conjuction with the development of Model T CP/M, via the MTCPM mailing list.

REX2 will require a more detailed installation. Specifically, the SRAM chip needs 3 wires soldered from the motherboard. Also, I expect the actual installation of REX2 to be slightly more difficult, since the 3rd chip causes the underside of REX to be non-planar, making REX2 a bit more difficult to seat properly in the socket.

REX2 also includes support for 2MB of flash. If I can find some of those chips, I will make use them on REX2. Why not?

Since this will be of limited interest, I will make these available to anyone interested as a side activity to the main REX product.