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Quickstart Instructions

Hi! Thanks for buying a REX!

Here's how to get going quickly--

1) follow the hardware installation steps 2) power on your laptop, enter BASIC, and type


and, at the prompt, decline to start REX Manager. You will be returned to MENU. Now, enter BASIC again, and type


and, voila, TS-DOS is now active in your Model T, courtesy of Club100 and REX.

You will see a program called REXMGR.BA is now installed. You can run that program any time to enter REX Manager, to load and run all the different ROMs you wish, and to allow you to manage your RAM backups.

I recommend NADSbox, LaddieCon/WindowsXP, LaddieCon/Windows2000, Desklink/Win98(or previous) as the best TPDD devices for use with REX Manager, since REX Manager uses only TPDD protocol to load and save image data.