Tandy 200 Pros and Cons

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Interesting things about T200

Pros vs M100/T102

  • Hardware accelerated screen so much faster display than M100/T102
  • Can wake up on timer
  • Real arrow keys in diamond pattern
  • Kill (and I think rename) files directly from Menu
  • Built-in spreadsheet
  • "Grep" through any text file like you can with SCHED and NOTE (I

have tiny BASIC program that will let you do this on M100/T102)

  • Calculator function
  • Capable of three independent banks of RAM (though REX more than

neutralizes this advantage)

  • Touch tone dialing
  • Many M100/T102 programs have T200 versions


  • Heavier
  • Screen is a little less dark than M100/T102
  • Takes up more vertical space since flip-up screen
  • My unit's hardware at least won't usefully go past 19200bps serial

connection like my M100, T102 units will

  • Less RAM per bank than in M100/T102's single bank
  • Not really software compatible with M100/T102 except for pure BASIC programs