Building VirtualT on Linux

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What is this "Linux" You Speak Of?

These instructions have been tested on

  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Slackware

Please add to the list if you have tested on another distribution.

This Sounds Hard... Why All The Steps?

Because of the rich variety of Linux distros that grace our planet we need volunteer support to maintain good "packages" for each one. That's the best route... then no documentation is needed for install. Short of that, Linux users simply have to build VirtualT themselves. Of course the benefit of building it yourself is that you always have the latest and greatest features, and of course bugs... but that's what makes life exciting, right?

A side benefit is that it increases the amount of people on the latest and greatest. That means more testers of new features. If you have a version that works well for you, keep that in mind before you

cvs update

to get latest and greatest.

Download Latest VirtualT Source FOR THE FIRST TIME

Open a command prompt and type:

cvs -z3 co -P VirtualT

Download Packages FLTK Depends On

(a version of this command for RPM or source based distros would be nice)

Command to download FLTK dependencies on Debian:

sudo apt-get build-dep libfltk1.1

Command to download FLTK dependencies on Debian Lenny (stable):

sudo aptitude install libfltk1.1 libfltk1.1-dev libxext-dev build-essential

Download, Build FLTK dependency

VirtualT depends on the FLTK library. FLTK is hosted at . Download a version of fltk. These instructions were last tested with fltk-1.1.9 . Building with 1.3 versions doesn't seem to work.

To check out from subversion:

svn co fltk-1.1

Change directory into fltk-x.y.z

Note that if you check out from Subversion, you will need to have autoconf install and run it from within the fltk directory to generate a configure script before running the following command.

Configure and make fltk:

./configure --enable-localjpeg --enable-localzlib --enable-localpng

Updating to Latest VirtualT

cvs update

Building VirtualT

cd into VirtualT.


If you see a folder named vt_client or vt_client_src, remove it

rmdir vt_client


rmdir vt_client_src
export FLTKDIR=/where/is/fltk-x.y.z

then make should work.

You should end up with a file titled 'virtualt' in your build directory. You can launch it by typing