Model 100 RAM Variables

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Address Description Initialized
F5F0 Start of System 035A
F5F2 SP upon power-down 035C
F5F4 HIMEM value 035E
F5F6 Power-on hook 0360
F5F9 BCR Interrupt hook 0363
F5FC UART DR hook 0366
F5FF TP interrupt hook 0369
F602 LPS interrupt hook 036C
F604 Power-on hook 036F
F60F OptROM hook 0379
F62A OptROM installed 0394
F62B 20 or 10 pps
F639 Cursor row 03A3
F63A LCD cursor column 03A4
F63B LCD active lines 03A5
F63C LCD active columns 03A6
F63D Label line flags 03A7
F648 Reverse video if 1 03B2
F64E X-pixel set 03B8
F64F Y-pixel set 03B9
F657 Power-down value 03C1
F65B-F660 Initial Stat setting 03C5
F674 LPOS printer column 03DE
F675 Output 0=LCD 1=LP 03DF
F678 Top of available RAM 03E2
F685 Keyboard buffer
F788 POS- cursor position
F789 Key labels
F88C Location of PASTE buffer
F923 Seconds- units
F924 Seconds- tens
F925 Minutes- units
F926 Minutes- tens
F927 Hours- units
F928 Hours - tens
F929 Day of month- units
F92A Day of month- tens
F92B Day of week
F92C Month
F92D Year- units
F92E Year- tens
F962-F9B9 Directory 6BF1+
F9BA-F9C4 OptROM or filename
F9C5-FA74 Directory
FAAC Character recently sent
FAAE Port A8 contents
FAC0 Lowest installed RAM
FADA-FB14 RST 38 hooks - all RET
FB16-FB39 RST 38 hooks - all error 5
FBB0 Top of DO files
FBB2 Top of CO files
FC18 Floating point accumulator 1
FC69 Floating point accumulator 2
FC82 Maxfiles?
FC93-FC98 Filename
FE00-FF3F LCD memory
FF40 Distant computer sent XOFF
FF41 This Model 100 sent XOFF
FF42 Is XOFF enabled?
FF45 Port E8 contents
FF8B Address of baud rate