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These pages are devoted to the Model T:

TRS-80 Model 100, Tandy Model 102, KC-85, NEC 8201A, NEC 8300, Olivetti M10, Tandy Model 200, and the WP-2


Due to failure of the old list and inability to contact Merch, The Official Club100 Mailing List is now being hosted here!

Go to the User Page and subscribe to the list.

To send email to the list, just send it to


The community gathers at

Classic Article Repubs

We hope to republish one or more articles from the Golden Era of the Model T every month:


This is a collection of Microsoft BASIC programs that

  • Do something interesting or useful
  • With only a single line of code

One-liners are bite-sized computer programs on a human scale. You are encouraged to type them in manually (by hand) and study their operation.

Model 100/102 Compatible One-Liners


TPDD Service Manual

File-Transfer and Storage

We still use Model Ts today, so file transfer to/from desktop and modern laptops is an important issue. There are multiple alternatives, from simple text file transfers using TEXT, TELCOM, or BASIC, up to dedicated file transfer protocol client and servers.

Model T File Transfer

Model T Developer Reference

Articles on Model T programming topics

Model 100 and Tandy 102 Variants and Main ROMs

Model and ROM information

Model T Software

Model T Video

MVT100 is a solution for VGA 80x24 display, which utilizes a variant of Microsoft Disk BASIC (aka DVI) software for tight integration with M100 OS.

BCR TTL SERIAL HACK enables high speed serial TTL character transmission from the BCR port. This is useful for using an external serial CRT like the VT100.

Model T Hardware Hacks and Troubleshooting

Model T Hardware Projects

REX# is a flash OptROM emulator/switcher

REXCPM combines REX# functionality, with SRAM to enable CP/M. See M100 CP/M

NSC800 Conversion Fun with conversion of an M100 to the NSC800 processor (Z80 compatible).

5MHz Upgrade hacks Information on how to turbo charge your Model T!

ReMem is the ultimate Model T memory upgrade (not active)

REX is a flash OptROM emulator/switcher (not active)

NADSBox is a stand-alone TPDD emulation device that uses SD cards

Mikrokolor Is a Color Graphics interface for the Model 100. Allows for 40x80 character graphics/text

MTHD Is a how to add a Harddrive to your Model T

Joystick adapter is a simple Atari/Commodore joystick interface for Model T

BlueM is a custom bluetooth adapter for the Model T family - look here for Wifi adaptation tips! (not active)

QUAD is a 4x32KB RAM expansion for the M100 - works stand alone or with REX! (not active)

M100ROM, by Mike Stein, is an adapter board for Model 100 that can be used to upgrade the Main ROM, and add an internal Option ROM

Other Topics

OPTROM Switching discussion on code used to bank switch main ROM and option ROM

Olivetti M10 ROM patch a modified M100 Main ROM to replace the Standard USA Olivetti M10 ROM

  * allows use of M100 software on M10 hardware
  * supports M100 Option ROMs

M100/T102 Hardware scrolling patch a modification to the main ROM to support hardware scrolling.

  * faster screen response
  * screen does not scroll as smoothly

Model T Links

Rick Hanson's Club 100

Gary Weber's NEC PC-8201 Site

Chris Osburn's Calculating Instruments

Ken Pettit's Model T Projects