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mtconv is to be a "screen" type intermediary for Model Ts interacting with a bash session.


  • Perform mappings between the Model T character sets to/from Unicode
  • Detect TPDD 'ZZ' escapes to enter into the TPDD disk mode
  • Detect "human speed" space characters to exit from TPDD mode back to interactive mode
  • Handle both the T102/T200 and the M100 character set
  • Configure termcap settings for the pty, including Width x Height dependent upon laptop model
  • mtconv will "wire-up" the external LaddieAlpha program dynamically at runtime to handle TPDD I/O
  • Filter out color escapes

Larger Goals

mtconv is to be a key part of a MTIS "Model T Internet Service". Model Ts will connect through the Internet to individual accounts on the MTIS. MTIS will support email, IRC, simple search, web browsing, and file storage.

Connection to MITS will normally occur via a serial->Internet bridge device.

The Serial->Internet bridge is out of scope for MITS. Possibilities include

  • Wired connection to PC or host laptop
  • A Bluetooth dongle + cell phone bridge app
  • A Wifi+TCP/IP intefaced via expansion port to Model T
  • RS232<->Wifi bridge