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Ordering REX products

  • Pricing is listed below, in USD
  • Available inventory is posted below, updated regularly
  • Contact via email with any questions
  • Orders are accepted via email
  • Purchaser is provided with a shipping quotation prior to payment on request
  • Payment accepted via Paypal, after shipping

Thanks for your interest! cheers, Steve

twospruces / gmail

Price List and Stock levels

Prices are listed in USD, but since I live in Canada, I request payment in Canadian $. I convert from USD to CDN using the current exchange rate, and then add postage in CDN.

Note: pricing has been adjusted to reflect supply costs.

(updated January 15, 2022)


Productfor ModelFeaturesPrice (USD)Stock
REXCPMM100, T1022MB, carrier - needs adapter!45$one available, parts on hand, can build
REXCPMM100, T1024MB, carrier - needs adapter!75$ parts on hand, can build
AdapterM100incl. cable10$assembled as needed
AdapterT102incl. cable10$assembled as needed


Productfor ModelFeaturesPrice (USD)Stock
REX# M100 / T102 / T200 M100, T102 or T2001MB, carrier35$4 available, parts on hand, can build
REX# NEC / M10NEC or M101MB35$ new boards arrived, can build


MVT100 information

  Geoff Graham's VT100 video adapter kit optimized for use with M100.
  *  Requires an RS-232 cable to connect from laptop to video adapter.  Adapter has a female DB-9 connector.
  *  Requires USB power supply
  *  Compatible with REX#/REXCPM (version 2.1 or newer software)
  *  For native M100 use, requires VT100 driver software to be installed in Laptop.
  *  M100 CP/M is ready to use MVT100 out of the box!
  *  Kits require assembly - soldering skills required!

Productfor ModelFeaturesPrice (USD)Stock
MVT100 KITM100, T102serial video!40$ sold out! ordering parts
MVT100 Assembled/testedM100, T102serial video!60$ sold out! ordering parts

PC-8201 BANK2 32kB/16kB SRAM card

PC-8201 BANK2 32kB SRAM card information

  Have a PC-8201A with only one Bank?  If you open up the memory compartment,
  and RAM 4,5,6,7 are empty then this is for you.
  This single card provides 32kB for Bank 2, replacing 4 "standard" M100 8kB RAM modules.
  It plugs right in!
  If you just want to add 16k to Bank 1, I have a derivative product for that as well.
  Note:  Most 8201A have round machine-pin receptacles, but some have IC sockets that take flat pins.
  At time of order, confirm the type of pins you need.
Productfor ModelFeaturesPrice (USD)Stock
32kB SRAM cardNEC PC-8201adds 32kB BANK 2!45$ board arrived, can build
16kB SRAM cardNEC PC-8201adds 16kB to BANK 1!30$ board arrived, can build

M100 26-3801 24kB SRAM card

M100 26-3801 24kB SRAM card information

  Have a M100 with only 8kB of RAM?  If you open up the  laptop,
  and Option RAM #1,2,3 are empty then this is for you.
  This single card provides 24kB to bring the system up to 32kB,
  replacing 3 "standard" M100 8kB RAM modules.
  It plugs right in!
  (NOTE: intended for PLX110CH1X or PLX110EH1X board revisions only)

Productfor ModelFeaturesPrice (USD)Stock
M100 24kB SRAM cardM100adds 24kB!45$ board arrived, can build

T200 dual 24kB SRAM card

For now, photos and installation document are here: http://www.club100.org/memfiles/index.php?&direction=0&order=&directory=Steve%20Adolph/T200%20Ram%20module

  Have a T200 with only 24kB of RAM?
  This single card provides 2x24kB to bring the system up to 72kB.
  It plugs right in!

Productfor ModelFeaturesPrice (USD)Stock
T200 dual 24kB SRAM cardT200adds 2x 24kB!30$ available