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Ordering REX products

  • Pricing is listed below, in USD
  • Available inventory is posted below, updated regularly
  • Contact via email with any questions
  • Orders are accepted via email
  • Purchaser is provided with a shipping quotation prior to payment
  • Payment accepted via Paypal, prior to shipping

Thanks for your interest! cheers, Steve

twospruces / gmail

Price List


Productfor ModelFeaturesPrice (USD)Stock
REXCPMM100, T1022MB, carrier4524 in process
REXCPMM100, T1024MB, carrier55not available due to supply of 4MB SRAMs
AdapterM100incl. cable10-
AdapterT102incl. cable10-


Productfor ModelFeaturesPrice (USD)Stock
REXsharpM100, T1021MB, carrier352 protos, boards on order
REXsharpT2001MB, carrier35coming soon
REXsharpNEC1MB35coming soon
REXsharpM101MB35coming soon

MVT100 - Geoff Graham's VT100 video adapter kit optimized for use with M100

Productfor ModelFeaturesPrice (USD)Stock
MVT100M100, T102serial video!TBDboards on order