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Ordering REX products

  • Pricing is listed below, in USD
  • Available inventory is posted below, updated regularly
  • Contact via email with any questions
  • Orders are accepted via email
  • Purchaser is provided with a shipping quotation prior to payment
  • Payment accepted via Paypal, prior to shipping

Thanks for your interest! cheers, Steve

twospruces / gmail

Price List

(updated August 31 2020)


Productfor ModelFeaturesPrice (USD)Stock
REXCPMM100, T1022MB, carrier45build in progress
REXCPMM100, T1024MB, carrier75build to order, build in progress
AdapterM100incl. cable10assembled as needed
AdapterT102incl. cable10assembled as needed


Productfor ModelFeaturesPrice (USD)Stock
REX# M100M100, T1021MB, carrier35final software testing
REX# T200T2001MB, carrier35final software testing
REX# NECNEC1MB35final software testing
REX# M10M101MB35ready to build proto



  Geoff Graham's VT100 video adapter kit optimized for use with M100.
  Note:  requires an RS-232 cable to connect from laptop to video adapter.  Adapter has a female DB-9 connector.
  Note:  requires USB power supply
  Note:  not compatible(yet) with any REX variant.
  Note:  requires VT100 driver software to be installed in Laptop.
  Note:  kits require assembly - soldering skills required!
Productfor ModelFeaturesPrice (USD)Stock
MVT100 KITM100, T102serial video!35$available
MVT100 Assembled/testedM100, T102serial video!55$available