REX2 installation instructions

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REX2 installs, for the most part, identically to a REX. Please read the REX wiki to get familiar with this device, as it is mostly the same.

The difference in installation between REX and REX2, is that you must provide for the additional signals needed by the SRAM. This means the following-

M100 case: You must plug the adapter card into the M100 system bus.

T102 case: You must (a) remove your pluggable 8k ram module that is immediately next to the optrom socket (2) insert the 8k RAM that is connected to REX2. Of course, it goes without saying that this will wipe out your T102 memory contents, so you should save your work before doing all this.


(1) power off the laptop, turn it over, and remove the optrom port cover (2) install REX2 in the optrom socket, following the proceedure outlined in the REX wiki (3) install the plug and play solution for connecting the SRAM to the needed signals - in M100, install the adapter card or in T102 install the replacement ram module (4) replace the cover, flip the laptop over and power on.

Now REX2 is installed. The next step in the process of using REX is to initialize the installation by starting REX Manager. Once you are familiar with REX manager, you can use REX2 like it was a normal REX.

The SRAM will not be accessible via REX Manager. It will only be used by MTCPM related software.