REX Hardware Installation : PC-8201 or PC-8300

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REX Hardware Installation - 8201/8300

To install REX, you must first de-install any currently installed OPTION ROM software. Follow the instructions provided with that product to correctly remove the ROM.

With the power off, flip over your laptop and remove the cover so that you can access the OPTION ROM socket.

REX for 8201 and 8300 simply plugs into the Option ROM socket directly. Make sure it is oriented as is seen in this photo. (An 8201 is shown, but 8300 is very similar).

REX3 in 8201.jpeg

REX must be inserted in the socket in the correct orientation.

Also, it is critical to align the pins of REX with pins of the socket.

Gently press REX into place so that is it level in the socket, and fully seated.

REX is now installed. Replace the cover.

You can now power on your laptop, and carry on with the system initialization.