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40-Column Listing One-Liner8085 RIM Instruction8085 Reference
8201A and 8300 Terminal ParametersASCII Table One-Liner
A Simple Self-Charger for the Model 100Adding Wiki ArticlesAmstrad NC-100/200 DocGarden
BASIC Efficiency TipsBASIC Variable FormatBCR Port Access
BCR TTL SERIAL HACKBitchin100 DocGarden
BlueMBuilding VirtualT on Linux
CO File FormatCP/MCRC-16-CCITT
Calling the Main ROM from Option ROMCambridge Z88 DocGardenClick here for current production REX images and install photos
Click here for new production REX install photoCloudT Web Emulator
Club 100Connecting NEWDOS to Wimodem232
Covington ROM MapsDLPilotDLPilot Usage
DLPlusDOS Text File TransferDangling NADS
Description of Machine Code File Handling RoutinesDesklinkDesklink/TS-DOS Directory Access
Diagnose DTR/DSR and RTS/CTS issuesDifferencesDisassembly of RAM and ROM versions of TS-DOS
Doing Binary In BASICEpson PX-8 Geneva DocGarden
Error CodesExtraordinary String AnimalsFile storage with mp3 player
Format Your Words With This TEXT AidGluing Strings in PlaceHOWTO: DLPlus on OSX
HOWTO: DLPlus on UbuntuHTERMHow to set up an old PC to run LAPDOS
IO mapInstalling REX Manager in a T200Integrated VT100 driver
International Keyboard SupportJan's DOS-Based Docking Station
Joystick adapter
Keyboard MappingLAPDOSLaddieCon
Loading a typical CO fileLow Level Filesystem AccessM100ROM
M100 CP/MM100 CP/M Application Software
M100 TS-DOS ROM Cold Boot Recovery
M100 TS-DOS ROM CompressionM100 TS-DOS ROM OptROM SupportM100 TS-DOS ROM RST 7 Handlers
Main ROM Management FeatureMain ROM ReplacementMikrokolor
Mikrokolor Pre-Announcement AdModel 100/102 Compatible One-Liners
Model 100/102 RAM PointersModel 100 LCD Programming
Model 100 MonthModel 100 Port BModel 100 RAM Dump One-Liners
Model 100 RAM VariablesModel 100 ROMModel 100 Screen Escapes
Model 100 Serial InterfaceModel 100 System Map Part 0
Model 100 System Map Part 1 (0000-0CD9)Model 100 System Map Part 2 (0DAB-290F)
Model 100 System Map Part 3 (2943-3D7F)
Model 100 System Map Part 4 (3FA0-5122)Model 100 System Map Part 5 (5146-6CE0)
Model 100 System Map Part 6 (6D3F-7FD6)
Model 100 System Map Part 7 (F5F4-FFEC)
Model 200 serial interfaceModel T Cross MapModel T Cross Map 0000-2000
Model T Cross Map 2000-4000Model T Cross Map 4000-6000Model T Cross Map 6000-8000
Model T Cross Map RAM VariablesModel T DocGarden
Model T File TransferModel T Option ROMs
Model T System busModel T TCP Architecture
Model T TermcapModel T to OSX Serial CommunicationsMtconv
NADSBoxNEC 8500, Starlet
NEC 8508A RAM/ROM CartridgeNSC800 Conversion
Number Base Converter One-LinerOPTROM SwitchingOfficial TEENY documentation
Olivetti M10 ROM patchOption ROM Programming
Ordering InformationPDD
REX2REX2 - custom REX for CP/M supportREX2 Memory, CP/M Usage, and Startup of CP/M from REX Manager
REX2 Photo - installed in a T102REX2 Photo - installed in an M100REX2 Photos
REX2 Photos - M100 variant with adapter cardREX2 installation instructionsREX2 layout
REX2 schematicREX2 utilitiesREXCPM
REXCPM Installation in M100REXCPM Installation in T102REXCPM Version 2 Upgrade instructions
REXRL: Main ROM loader tool for ROM REPLACEMENT on REX/REX2REX Hardware InstallationREX Hardware Installation : PC-8201 or PC-8300
REX Hardware Installation : T200REX Manager DocumentationREX Manager User Guide
REX Manager User Guide for REXsharpREX OverviewREX Quickstart guide
REX Release 4.5REX Release 4.6REX Release 4.7
REX Release 4.8REX Release 4.9REX Software and Utilities
REXclassicREXsharpREXsharp Installation in M10
REXsharp Installation in M100REXsharp Installation in NECREXsharp Installation in T102
REXsharp Installation in T200ROM Addresses: Getting BASIC to do What You WantROM Hooks
Recovering an Unresponsive LaptopRelocating Loader (RLC) Format
RememRemem Software HOWTO'sRepairing Problem Keys
Run-In-Place CO
Running BASIC Code from OptROMSecret MessageSerial Devices Supporting 76800bps
Setting up RN42 Bluetooth on LinuxSoon to be released REX Release 4.6Splitting the Model 100/102/200 case
String HandlingSynchronize Time with your NADS
T200 DisassemblyTBACKTEENY
TPDD-2 Driver Reverse EngineeringTPDD-2 Sector AccessTPDD-2 Sector Access Protocol
TPDD Base ProtocolTPDD Design NotesTPDD Protocol
TPDD Service ManualTS-DOSTandy 200 Pros and Cons
Tandy 200 RAMTandy 200 TimerTandy WP-2 DocGarden
TestTest Socket HowtoTest page
TextStarText File Transfer using HyperterminalTrue Portable Definition
Unicode MappingsUsing TS-DOS RAM's DOS Without the GUI
Using TS-DOS to Load RAM4THVT100VirtualT
WP2 Diskette Mode