Splitting the Model 100/102/200 case

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SPLITTING THE MODEL 100 CASE (The 102 and 200 split the same way)

From the Club 100 support files (www.club100.org)...

There is a trick to splitting (opening) the Model 100 case: The two halves of the case are held together by plastic notches in the middle of the edges. After removing the case screws you simply have to know where to push in on the case edges to split the case.

Turn the Model 100 upside down, remove the screws at the four corners. Turn it right side up, like you are going to use it. Grab the left hand edge and rock it up onto its right hand edge. The bottom will be facing your left and the top to your right.

Using your left hand, push down on the middle of the top edge of the bottom half and the same on the front edge facing you ... again, pushing in on the bottom half, only. With your right hand, pull the top half away from the bottom. The unit will split like a clam shell and lay open, easily.

And don't pinch the keyboard wires putting the case back together.

More Details from Rick Hanson on the T200

Flip the system over, turn off the MEMORY POWER and remove the four case screws.

Flip the system right-side-up.

Open the lid. In the middle under the LCD is a 4"ish wide cover. Push in on the top where it addresses the LCD and pry down ... be careful not to mar the plastic. You should be able to do the above with just your fingers ... yes, it will hurt like heck but do not use a sledge hammer and crowbar ... that's not cool!

With the cover off use two hands (and your left foot and then hold your head sideways) to pop the ribbon cable out of the LCD-side connector.

Press in on the middle-edges of the top case half to "pop" the little plastic case holders and remove the case halves.

Removing the components from the bottom case-half should be obvious ... if not, you should not have even started this adventure! Ouch! That was cruel, huh?

Splitting the top case-half: Remove the 4 screws that hold the LCD-section hinges from the bottom section then separate the two.

The LCD-section is two parts that slide together. Figure it out! The screen side slides downward from the back side. Once off, remove the 4 screws that hold the LCD into the whatchamacallit.