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As of January 25, 2012, all REX production for M100/T102/T200 will be based on the REX2 PCB. It is functionally identical, but it looks different.

An example of this latest and greatest REX is shown below, properly installed in a T102. This is how it should look!

New REX example.jpg

Please follow the normal installation instructions, except you must note the proper orientation of REX in the MOLEX socket.

Some comments:

  • Note that there are 2 white dashes at one end of REX...those dashes line up with the key slots in the MOLEX connector. This shows you how REX is oriented. (One end of the MOLEX has 1 slot, the other end has 2).
  • In this version of REX, the two large chips are on the bottom side of REX when installed. The side of REX that is visible when installed, has silkscreen text on it.