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  • They are different in that the TPDD 1 is a 100K disk format, and the TPDD 2

uses a 200 K format.

  • The TPDD 1 has dip switches that must be manipulated during boot and the

TPDD 2 doesn't have this requirement.

  • The TPDD 1 can only read a 100 k disk where the TPDD 2 can use either one.
  • They both have the same battery and PS requirements as all of the Model T's.
  • They use the same cable.
  • They both are usable on all 3 of the Model T's.
  • They are similar in that they only need a single sided disk.
  • Yes the boot disk for each which is specific to the drive must be loaded

into the computer before use but there are alternative OS's available which have various load requirements.

  • They have different protocols for raw sector access mode. The file access mode is very similar