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High Resolution Color and Full Screen Video Comes to the TRS-80*Model 1001 The MIKROKOLOR Color Graphics Inferface is designed to provide the new TRS-80* Model 100 portable computar with high resolution color graphics and text capability, utilizing a standard color television or color monitor. The MIKROKOLOR provides 256 x 192 color graphics, with 15 colors plus transparent Its 3 dimensional Sprite planes provide for simultaneous disply of all levels. It has four modes of operation available.

1. Test mode: Provides 24 lines of 40 characters each using a 6 x 8 dot matrix, and provides 256 user defineable characters.

2. Multicolor mode: Provides 64 x 48 color graphics.

3. Graphics 1 mode: Provides 256 x 192 coior graphics, 24 lines of 32 characters each, utilizing an 8 x 8 dot matrix, with 2 colors per character.

4. Graphics 2 mode: Provides the same as Graphics 1 mode, except allows 16 colors per character. Sprites are prioritized 3-D slide planes, 32 in all, capable of displaying 15 colors plus transparent. This allows easily programmed graphics animation capability for use with business displays, graphs, charts or games Unit provides Composite Video output for use with any color television when employed with a modulator, or by direct connection to a color monitor. Use with a black & white television or monitor allows 16 gray levels to be used instead of colors.

No hardware modification is necessary to your set, as the unit plugs into the existing buss expansion socket. The Texas Instruments TMS9918A Video Display Processor uses no memory from your set, it has it's own on board RAM Other models supported are S-100, TRS-80 Models 1, III, 4 and 12 and Apple II. For information on use with other models, send complete buss information and method of addressing with a large SASE to our technical department, P.O. Box 5686, Vandenberg, California 93437. Bare boards are also available for universal adaptation to almost any 8 bit syetem. The Model 100 Mikrokolor will come complete with manual containing sample programs. Also available will be a text translation program that will provide full screen text capabilities of 24 lines of 40 characters a line, with full cursor and scroll functions. VHF Modulators are available also at $54.00 including cable (powered by Mikrokolor unit). These operate on channels 7-10 VHF.

The Mikrokolor is available at the introductory price of $235.00 for assembled and tested units, or $195.00 for kit of ail parts. Both come with full documentation. User Manual only $5.00. Money order, COD, check or credit card.

Personal checks must clear. COD add $2.00. Visa, Mastercard add 4%, Cal. res. add 6% tax. Custom installations are priced individually, on a case-by-case basis. Introductory prices good until December 25, 1983. Reg. Prices $335.00/$295.00. Order from:

Andreasen's Electronics Research & Development, Inc.

1548 Monterey Street • San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 • 805-541-6398

See cover article to 80 Micro, May'83for additional info. 'TRS-80 is a trademark of Tandy Corporation