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These pages are devoted to the Model T:

TRS-80 Model 100, Tandy Model 102, KC-85, NEC 8201A, NEC 8300, Olivetti M10, Tandy Model 200, and the WP-2

Classic Article Repubs

We hope to republish one or more articles from the Golden Era of the Model T every month:

Category:Model 100 Classics


This is a collection of Microsoft BASIC programs that

  • Do something interesting or useful
  • With only a single line of code

One-liners are bite-sized computer programs on a human scale. You are encouraged to type them in manually (by hand) and study their operation.

Model 100/102 Compatible One-Liners

Tandy Disk Drive and Emulators

TPDD emulators, in concert with a compatible disk clients like TS-DOS, TEENY, POWR-DOS, FLOPPY.CO, the Booster Pak, or the WP-2 built-in Diskette client are the most "advanced" way to accurately and quickly transfer all file types including binary files to and from your Model T laptop. There are different options for the server side on modern operating systems and devices:


Category:TPDD Service

LaddieCon is a TPDD emulator for Windows written in C#.Net.

DLPilot is a TPDD emulator for PalmOS devices.

DLPlus is a TPDD emulator for Linux, BSD, and MacOSX.

NADSBox is an advanced stand-alone TPDD emulation device that uses SD cards. It implements multiple levels of TS-DOS directory extensions

Desklink is a DOS based TPDD emulator which implements a single-level of the TS-DOS directory extensions

Jan's DOS-Based Docking Station


TS-DOS is a nice DOS and GUI available in RAM and ROM versions. It is the only client that supports subdirectories given special servers (no real TPDD supports subdirectories).

TEENY is a very small RAM-based TPDD client

LAPDOS is a DOS PC based TPDD client.

PDD is a DOS PC based TPDD client.

WP2 Diskette Mode is a TPDD client built-in to the WP-2. It is compatible with LaddieCon, DLPilot, and DLPlus.

Real TPDD and TPDD-2

Differences between TPDD-1 and TPDD-2

Simple Text File Transfer (No Client)

You can use any "terminal program" to transfer text files to and from your Model T laptop. Here are some tutorials:

Text File Transfer using Hyperterminal

Text File Transfer to Mac using Z-Term

File Storage using MP3 Player

File storage with mp3 player

Model T Software

VirtualT Model 100/102, T200, NEC 8201A, M10 emulator

mtcpm CP/M for the Tandy 100/102/200


Model T Hardware Hacks and Troubleshooting

Splitting the Model 100/102/200 case

Recovering an Unresponsive Laptop

International Keyboard Support

Repairing Problem Keys

Model T Hardware Projects

Remem is the ultimate Model T memory upgrade

remem-users mailing list This is a support list for remem users.
Remem Software HOWTO's

REX is a flash OptROM emulator/switcher

REX2 is a upcoming flash OptROM emulator/switcher with support for a 64K all-RAM mode. This permits running with a patched main ROM, or the upcoming mtcpm (Model T CP/M)

NADSBox is a stand-alone TPDD emulation device that uses SD cards

Mikrokolor Is a Color Graphics interface for the Model 100. Allows for 40x80 character graphics/text

Model T Developer Reference

String Handling

ROM Hooks

RAM Variables

Option ROM Programming

8085 Reference

Low Level Filesystem Access

Low Level LCD Access

Direct Keyboard Access

Serial Port Access

CO File Format

BCR Port Access

TPDD Protocol

Relocating Loader (RLC) Format

Error Codes

Doing Binary In BASIC

Other Topics

Model T Links

Rick Hanson's Club 100

Steve Adolph's Remem Site

Chris Osburn's Calculating Instruments

Ken Pettit's Model T Projects