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Laptop file TEENY.BA is a "descendant" of PC file TEENY.EXE, and there are three "inherited" traits. TEENY.BA inherits:

  • Working speed -- either 9600 Baud or 19200 Baud, based on whether you did or did not supply the /S switch when you invoked TEENY.EXE.
  • DSR sensitivity -- either insensitive (i.e., DSR unused/ignored) or sensitive (i.e., DSR used and expected), based on whether you did or did not supply the /IDSR switch when you invoked TEENY.EXE.
  • Laptop Model type -- either type 10x or type 200, based on the Model of Tandy laptop that TEENY.EXE detected via the COM port of the PC.

When you use TEENY.BA, it passes on these three traits! In other words, you could invoke TEENY.EXE on EIGHT OCCASIONS (both working speeds and both DSR sensitivities for each of the laptop Model types) to separately produce EIGHT VARIANTS of laptop file TEENY.BA. Keep "heritage" in mind should the time come to uses "some" TEENY.BA file in "some" laptop.

Laptop file TEENY.BA is a "loader" of TEENY.CO, in a sense. It creates an incarnation of file TEENY.CO that is address-specific. You dictate a specific address -- TEENY.BA constructs TEENY.CO accordingly. As is true of any conventional .CO file, file TEENY.CO has a .CO file descriptor and an appended image. TEENY.BA constructs both the .CO file descriptor and the appended image of TEENY.CO based on the End address which you dictate. If an incarnation of file TEENY.CO exists, TEENY.BA replaces it with the specified incarnation.

Twelve seconds after you invoke TEENY.BA, it prompts you to specify the End address for TEENY.CO. WARNING -- specify an End address which is at least one less than the point of MAXRAM that you anticipate will be in effect during the use of TEENY.CO. For example, if you anticipate that no MAXRAM software will be present when you use TEENY.CO, then the highest possible value is:

62959  (for Models 100 and 102)
61103  (for Model 200)

Either type a 5-digit value to specify an End address and then press ENTER, or just press ENTER without typing anything for an END address that is one less than the current point of HIMEM. When you press ENTER, TEENY.BA constructs file TEENY.CO in accordance with the End address, but TEENY.BA does not alter the current point of HIMEM.

After TEENY.BA constructs the address-specific incarnation of file TEENY.CO, it ends by reporting "Loaded TEENY .CO", and "Ok" appears on the laptop screen. If you want to record the address specifics of TEENY.CO at this time, type the following and press ENTER. The Top, End, and Exe addresses are listed on the laptop screen.

CALL9643   (for Models 100 and 102)
CALL13072  (for Model 200)