Disassembly of RAM and ROM versions of TS-DOS

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TS-DOS Dissassembly

There are various version of TS-DOS for The Model 100/102, for T200 and for the PC-8201a. Additionally each of these versions has a ROM and a RAM. While the majority of the code is equivalent across the various incarnations of TS-DOS, there are some differences due to varying RS-232 hardware and to accomodate execution from OptROM vs. RAM.

The goal of the disassembly is to create a fully commented source file that can be assembled and subsequently modified / enhanced for new functionality. The disassembly is split into several sections to keep each page "relatively" short. The disassembly currently will not assemble as it contains absolute addresses that must be converted into assembly labels, or deleted where not needed.

Model 100/102 ROM Version

Not Completed Yet

Model 200 RAM Version