Error Codes

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BASIC Error Codes

1NFNext without for
2SNSyntax Error
3RGReturn without gosub
4ODOut of data
5FCIllegal function call
7OMOut of memory
8ULUndefined line
9BSBad subscript
10DDDouble dimensioned array
11/0Divide by zero
12IDIllegal direct
13TMType mismatch
14OSOut of string space
15LSString too long
16STString formula too complex
17CNCan't continue
18IOIO error
19NRNo resume
20RWResume without error
21UEUndefined error
22MOMissing operand
23-49UEUndefined error
50IEUndefined error
51BNBad file number
52FFFile not found
53AOAlready open
54EFInput past end of file
55NMBad file name
56DSDirect statement in file
57FLUndefined error
58CFFile not open
59-255UEUndefined error