M100 CP/M Application Software

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Here is known-good CP/M software for the M100 including that which is configured or patched to work on the M100. If you find more software, please make it known on the bitchin100.com discussion list & we'll include it here.

.zip download Name Works on 40x8 Works on 80x24 Description & Notes
BDS-C BDS-C C-language compiler YES YES K&R C. Noted for its fast compile time. Further info here
TINY Tiny Basic YES YES Tiny Basic from mid-1970s. All input must be in uppercase. Use BYE to exit. Includes Tic-Tac-Toe game. LOAD TAC
Adventure Adventure YES YES Classic text-mode adventure game
LADDER LADDER NO YES Classic Ladder game. Use 4&6 for left/right, space to jump. (8 for up?)
Othello OTHELLO NO YES Classic Othello / Reversi game
VEDIT40 VEDIT40 YES NO Full-screen text editor configured for M100 LCD - 40x8. Very similar to M100 TEXT. Thanks to Steve Adolph
VEDIT80 VEDIT80 NO YES Full-screen text editor configured for M100 VT-100 - 80x24. Very similar to M100 TEXT. Thanks to Steve Adolph
VEDIT customization info - - - Customization info used to create VED40 and VED80
VEDIT distribution - - - VEDIT distribution 1.32
D D YES YES A better directory lister. Includes D1, D2, D3, D4 -- pick the format you like best.
SWEEP SWEEP YES YES A massively useful file management program.