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Here is a list of how to set up all ram mode.

1) start VT 1.3

2) emulate M100 or T102, whatever

3) turn on ReMem emulation - Emulation --> Memory options: select ReMem, click ok

4) configure ReMem : tools --> remem configuration: - first, click Default Map - this will do an initial set up - next, on the left column, select MAP0 - on the second left column, sleect 100-13F OPT - on the right, de-check sector lock, De-check RAM CS, check Flash 1 and check flash 2 - map data should be unchanged, and read 0x020 - select copy sequential Now, you should see Map 0, 100-13F OPT with data 0x1820, 0x1821 etc

Finally, select Save Map on the left, and close the window.

5) loading a CP/M image into the "option rom" - tools --> memory editor - select region RAM - File --> load from file - enter the full path name for the binary CP/M image - start address should be 0x008000 - select ok

Now, the binary image is loaded at offset 008000 in the RAM region. You can check this by scrolling down.

6) activating the CP/M option rom - enter BASIC - type OUT 112,1 (this activates ReMem map 00) - type CALL63012 (this will start the option ROM)

DONE! you are now running CP/M.