PC-8201 BANK2 32kB SRAM card

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Add 32kB BANK 2 to your NEC PC-8201 or PC-8201A

  Have a PC-8201A with only one Bank?  If you open up the memory compartment,
  and RAM 4,5,6,7 are empty then this is for you.
  This single card provides 32kB for Bank 2, replacing 4 "standard" M100 8kB RAM modules.
  It plugs right in!
  If you just want to add 16k to Bank 1, I have a derivative product for that as well.
  Note:  Most 8201A have round machine-pin receptacles, but some have IC sockets that take flat pins.
  At time of order, confirm the type of pins you need.

(for 16kB see below)

NEC originally shipped the PC-8201 / 8201A with only 16kB in Bank 1, but it can support 2 banks of 32kB. These machines use the same SRAM modules as the Model 100, so to install Bank 2 you would need to buy 4 of these modules! Ouch!

This add-on card plugs into the SRAM sockets associated with Bank 2 - RAM 4,5,6 and 7 - and provides a full 32kB in one go!

There are two socket styles I have encountered - round pins (most common) or flat pins (less common). These are shown below.


8201A STOCKs.jpg


8201 STOCKs.jpg

In these images you can see, as indicated by the red box, where the SRAM module should be placed. Also shown here - REX# for NEC is installed in the 8201A, in the Option ROM socket, and 8kB SRAM modules are installed in the RAM 2, 3 sockets of Bank 1.


  1.  Flip over the laptop and remove the memory compartment cover.
  2.  Align and orient the SRAM card over the sockets.
      You are installing a full 32kB in RAM 4,5,6,7.
  3.  Carefully press the SRAM card until it is fully seated in the sockets.
      Be careful not to bend the pins!
  4.  Reassemble the computer, turn on and run a memory test to confirm the installation is good!

Post-Installation Photos


8201A SRAMs.jpg


8201 SRAMs.jpg

Memory Test

Here is Paul Globman's MEMCHK.DO (ported to NEC by yours truly). Load and run the .DO program. Remember, 1 beep means 'All good!'.


16kB Version

Bank 1 on the stock NEC PC-8201A was supplied with 16kB only. To upgrade this bank to a full 32kB, you can use a similar but smaller card. It plugs into RAM 2 and 3. Same process and physical orientation as the 32kB card.