Repairing Problem Keys

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From Wee-Meng Lee:

Unresponsive keys can be caused by mild corrosion or dirt in the keys. I get it all the time. Being in Singapore it takes too much trouble to send a key to me from Club100 in the U.S. .

Try taking the key apart and cleaning the copper contacts first. If this repair works, you won't need to open up the M100 case or unsolder the keycap.


  • Pull out the key cap, by "levering" it out with two teaspoons.
  • Use a jeweler's flat screw driver and pry open the latches at the sides to remove the top.
  • Remove the inverted rubber cup.
  • Check that there is still some black carbon attached to it; if not, you can try sticking some rolled up aluminum foil in it and in the mean time ask Rick for a key.
  • Clean the copper contacts at the bottom of the key by using the eraser at the end of a pencil and rubbing gently until it's shiny.
  • Put back the rubber cup, turn on the unit and press the cup down. With any luck, your key will work again.
  • Reassemble the rest of the key.