T200 2x24kB SRAM card

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Add 2x24kB to your single bank Tandy 200!

  Have a T200 with only 24kB of RAM?
  This single card provides 2x24kB to bring the system up to 72kB.
  It plugs right in!

Tandy provided the T200 with 24kB stock in bank 1, but it can be upgraded through the addition of a 24kB module in each of the bank 2 and bank 3 sockets. As an alternative, this single board gets you the full 2x24kB in one shot.

This product has been around for a while. Some information here: http://www.club100.org/memfiles/index.php?&direction=0&order=&directory=Steve%20Adolph/T200%20Ram%20module

Here is a recent photo of the module installed in the T200.

T200 RAM small.jpg

In this image you can see where the SRAM module should be placed.


  1.  Remove the memory compartment cover on the underside of the T200.
  2.  Align and orient the SRAM card over the sockets ensuring to match
      the correct orientation.  The module mounts mainly in OPTION RAM #2
      and also connects to pin 20 of OPTION RAM #1. 
  3.  Carefully press the SRAM card until it is fully seated in the sockets.
      Be careful not to bend the pins!
  6.  Replace the cover, turn on and run a memory test to confirm the installation is good!

Memory Test

Here is Paul Globman's MEMCHK.BA, which creates MEMCHK.CO. Load and run the .DO, then run MEMCHK.CO. Remember, only 1 beep means 'all good!'.

MEMCHK for T200