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How to Use TEENY

It couldn't be easier. There are only 5 commands.


  • Q

  • K kills the file on the external drive
  • L loads a file from the external drive to RAM file system
  • S saves a file from the RAM file system to the external drive
  • = queries whether the file exists on disk
  • Q quits TEENY


READ THIS. This burns everybody, it will burn you too.

All the BASIC programs at Club100.org have a '.BA' extension in their name. If you attempt to load these directly via TEENY you will corrupt your laptop's memory (and if you make this mistake, you should probably cold start and reload TEENY even if things seem to be working).

BA extension is reserved for tokenized binary BASIC program files. If you have an ASCII formatted BASIC program, as all BASIC programs in the Club100 library are, you need to rename the file to have a DO extension. Then, you can load the DO file from the BASIC prompt with LOAD"XXXXXX.DO". After loading the file into BASIC, you can save it to RAM as a tokenized .BA file.

Once saved to RAM as a tokenized .BA file, you can use TEENY to save the file to disk as a tokenized .BA file. From that point on, you can access the file in its tokenized form with the .BA extension, and forget about the .DO ASCII file. In the tokenized format, the file loads much faster.

How Do I Get a Directory

TEENY does not offer a "directory" operation. If you are using a PC, you may want to write a script that first does "dir" or "ls" and then launches your TPDD emulator. This way you can at least see what files were there when you launched the TPDD emulator.

For more details read the Official TEENY documentation