Using TS-DOS RAM's DOS Without the GUI

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From Ron Wiesen:

1.  Set HIMEM sufficiently to use DOS100.CO (or DOS200.CO).

2.  Invoke DOS100.CO.  TS-DOS is entered.

3.  Engage the DOS-ON feature (methinks you press the F4 function key to
toggle the feature).  Note that the point of MAXRAM lowers from it's normal

4.  Exit TS-DOS.

5.  Kill the DOS100.CO (or DOS200.CO) file.

5.  Invoke BASIC interpreter; type the following, and then press ENTER.


The step above moves the point of HIMEM upward to meet the point of MAXRAM.
This provides as much free memory as is possible.

6.  Use the LOADM command to inload the .CO file image from external PDD
device, and see what the laptop reports.

7.  If the report does not include the ?OM Error then you're in a bad
situation (point of MAXRAM not at its normal locale, and the code for the
DOS-ON feature has just been overlaid (i.e., obliterated) by .CO file image.
If the report does include the ?OM Error then you're in good shape and the
"Top" and "End" addresses in the report indicated the low-address and
high-address limits of the contiguous area of the inloaded .CO file image.