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Ordering REX products

  • Pricing is listed below, in USD
  • Available inventory is posted below, updated regularly
  • Contact via email with any questions
  • Orders are accepted via email
  • Purchaser is provided with a shipping quotation prior to payment on request
  • Payment accepted via Paypal, after shipping

Thanks for your interest! cheers, Steve

twospruces / gmail

Price List

Prices are listed in USD, but since I live in Canada, I request payment in Canadian $. I convert from USD to CDN using the current exchange rate, and then add postage in CDN.

Note: pricing has been adjusted to reflect supply costs.

  Specific part shortage: the 4MB REXCPM design today uses an LDO regulator from TI which seems to be
  on global back order with no indication of when it will be available.
  As a result, I need to explore an alternative.

(Yes these items are still available. Just email me.)


Productfor ModelDescriptionPrice (USD)StockLink
REX# M100 / T102 / T200 M100, T102 or T200Standard REX# with carrier35$ build to order REX#
REX# NEC / M10NEC or M10Standard REX# with socket pins35$ build to order REX#
REXCPMM100, T1022MB, carrier - needs adapter!50$build to orderREXCPM
REXCPMM100, T1024MB, carrier - needs adapter!80$ investigating alternative parts REXCPM
REXCPM AdapterM100incl. cable10$build to orderREXCPM
REXCPM AdapterT102incl. cable10$build to orderREXCPM
MVT100 KITM100, T102serial video adapter!40$ kits available! MVT100 information
MVT100 Assembled/testedM100, T102serial video adapter!60$ build to order MVT100 information
32kB SRAM cardNEC PC-8201adds 32kB BANK 2!45$ build to order PC-8201 BANK2 32kB SRAM card information
16kB SRAM cardNEC PC-8201adds 16kB to BANK 1!30$ build to order PC-8201 BANK2 32kB SRAM card information
M100 24kB SRAM cardM100adds 24kB!45$ build to order M100 26-3801 24kB SRAM card information
8kB SRAM cardM100, NEC, M10, KC-85adds 8kB!25$ build to order 8kB SRAM module information
8kB SRAM chipT102adds 8kB!10$ available
T200 dual 24kB SRAM cardT200adds 2x 24kB!30$ build to order T200 2x24kB SRAM card information
Olivetti M10 Conversion ROMM10M10 --> M100 compatible15$ available Olivetti M10 ROM patch

Miscellaneous items for sale

Prices are listed in USD.

Whatfor ModelDescriptionPrice (USD)Photos
PGDesign 32k card - soldM100Adds a 32k bank. Includes paper manual, and fresh batteries. Cleaned up, tested. Top side Bottom side Manual for 32k card
PGDesign 64k card - soldM100Adds 2x 32k banks. Includes paper manual and cassette tape, and a fresh battery. Cleaned up, repaired pins, Tested. Top side Bottom side Related utilities